Brazil: Accused of killing journalist Valério Luiz will face a popular jury on March 14

"Practically ten years after journalist Valério Luiz was shot dead when leaving work, in Goiânia, Brazil, those accused of committing the crime, including [the soccer team] Atlético Goianiense adviser Maurício Sampaio, will face a popular jury. The Court of Law of Goiás State will examine the case on Monday, March 14.


In the proceedings, in addition to Maurício Sampaio, singled out as the mastermind of the crime against the journalist, are Urbano Carvalho, who worked for Sampaio and is accused of hiring the policeman who would have executed Valério; the military police Djalma Gomes who, according to the indictment, worked as a security guard for Sampaio and received favors for that; the butcher Marcus Vinícius Pereira Xavier, who would have collaborated with the planning of the crime; and Ademá Figueiredo, MP accused of firing the shots that killed the journalist. Maurício Sampaio was arrested between February and May 2013, but awaits trial in freedom."

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