Brazil's Superior Court suspends newspaper's access to information on presidential expenses card

"Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo lost the right to access confidential information on the expenses card of the Presidency. The president of Brazil's Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Minister Humberto Martins, revoked the decision of a regional court that allowed the newspaper to have access to data on the presidential expenses card from January to March of 2020.

In his decision, the minister declared that the determination of the regional court could expose 'sensitive' information and could put in danger the security of President Jair Bolsonaro, the Vice President Hamilton Mourão, as well as the safety of their families. 'Disclosure of food, transport and accommodation expenses, intended for the aforementioned authorities and their security and support teams, can, in effect, compromise, in a crucial and irreversible way, the built security system,' said Martins."

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