Truth Commission calls for justice for journalists murdered in the 1980s in Sinaloa, Mexico

"At the beginning of the 'Dialogue for the Truth' promoted by the Commission for the Truth, Historical Clarification and the Promotion of Justice for Serious Human Rights Violations committed from 1965 to 1990 in the Northwest and West [of Mexico], Fernando Zepeda Hurtado, a journalist from Mazatlán who for many years was head of information at the newspaper Noroeste, recalled the impunity that prevails around the murder of another Sinaloan journalist, Manuel Burgueño, [which took place] on Feb. 22, 1988.

Zepeda was a co-worker, friend and witness of Burgueño's extrajudicial execution. In his presentation, he recalled that 'being a journalist in Sinaloa carries many risks,' due to the fact that this is a region where 'authorities and criminals get together and trample on the lives of others.'

He recalled that on Feb. 22, 35 years ago, Burgueño, whom he also described as an intellectual and university professor, was murdered in his home, where he was with one of his daughters, two granddaughters, his son-in-law, a journalist and a university student. Four men arrived with bandanas on their faces. The women and children were locked in a bedroom. They locked the other two men in another room; they put Burgueño against the wall and shot him,' he added. He said that those who murdered him were former judicial agents and police officers."

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