TV journalist is latest fatal victim of anti-media violence in Honduras

“The police said the 23-year-old [Edwin Josué] Andino was murdered by two gunmen ‘wearing uniforms similar to those of the military police.’ They went to his home where he lived with his father in Villafranca, a western suburb of Tegucigalpa, on the morning of Oct. 10. They seized Andino and his father, placed adhesive tape over their mouths, took them out to the street in front of their home, and shot them there, killing them instantly. They then left in a car.

The police said the car used by the gunmen was found a few hours later at an abandoned house. They also said the murder could have been ‘planned by organized crime.’

Andino was a journalist with La Tribuna TV (LTV), a TV news channel where he had been working for two years. He had not reported receiving any recent threats linked to his work. His traumatized colleagues described him as ‘honest, hard-working’ and said he ‘wasn't looking for trouble.’”


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