Two journalists held by residents while trying to cover alleged lynching in Puebla, Mexico

"Article 19 - Office for Mexico and Central America and the Network of Journalists of Puebla express their concern over the blockade suffered by journalists Yessica Ayala, of media outlets Contextos Noticias and Diario Cambio, as well as Joselyn Meneses, also of Contextos Noticias, at the hands of residents of San Jerónimo Coyula, on Tuesday, June 11, in the municipality of Atlixco, [in the Mexican state of] Puebla.

[...] The journalists were informed that since the previous night there had been reports of an alleged lynching of four people accused of robbery. Once in the area, they parked the vehicle in which they were traveling [...]. Journalist Joselyn Meneses got out of the vehicle and began to broadcast what was happening. [...] About 15 people surrounded the vehicle and [...] demanded that they stop recording.

[Meneses and Ayala] were held there for more than half an hour. [...] Those who were holding them agreed to let them leave on the condition that they would appear before the crowd and erase all the material. For the organizations, these types of acts are part of a hostile environment against the press that is documented not only in Puebla, but throughout the country."

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