U.S. journalist Anthony DePalma expelled from Cuba after being detained at Havana airport

"American journalist Anthony DePalma, former international correspondent of The New York Times and a recognized authority on Latin American issues, was detained upon his arrival in Havana on June 8th on a flight from the United States and expelled by Cuban authorities after police interrogation.


'I can't say that the uniformed agents were aggressive, but they weren't very respectful either,' DePalma told CiberCuba from his home in Montclair, New Jersey. 'They never gave me any explanation other than the forbidden entry. They ordered me to stay in a corner of [the airport's] Terminal 3 for almost six hours, without giving me an explanation or even offering me a glass of water. [Neither did they offer] the possibility of making a call to notify the people waiting for me to let them know what was happening.'"

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