UN rapporteurs ask Brazil to drop charges against journalist Schirlei Alves

  • Source: UOL
  • April 8, 2024

"A letter sent by UN women rapporteurs to the Brazilian State calls for measures to protect women journalists who cover cases of sexual crimes and denounces the conviction of reporter Schirlei Alves. For them, the defamation proceedings against the journalist need to be annulled.

Schirlei Alves was sentenced in the first instance to one year in prison in an open regime and a fine of R$400,000 [around US $80,000] for a report published in 2020 in The Intercept, which denounced the humiliations suffered in court by model and influencer Mariana Ferrer.


'We wish to express our concern about the prosecution and conviction of Ms. Alves on charges of criminal defamation in relation to her work as an investigative journalist and human rights defender,' they wrote. 'Such action appears to be an attempt to intimidate and silence her for denouncing, criticizing and exposing the misconduct of the judiciary."

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