Venezuela: Journalist Roland Carreño's trial back to square one

"After two years imprisoned in El Helicoide prison, everything indicates that the trial of Venezuelan journalist Roland Carreño will begin again.

Joel García, Carreño's defense lawyer, said the judge following the process has requested a medical leave, a circumstance that again disrupts deadlines. There are still no dates for a new start. Until May, the trial was moving along at a good pace and only the declarations of an expert and some witnesses were missing for a definitive sentence to be issued. The lawyer said he had no doubt the delay was an 'act of political retaliation.'

Carreño, a well-known journalist in Venezuela, close to the opposition party Voluntad Popular, is accused of financing terrorism, illicit trafficking of weapons of war and association to commit crimes. He entered prison on Oct. 26, 2020, after the escape of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López."

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