Venezuela: Journalistic association rejects government's 'express' workshops to train reporters

"Several branches of the National Association of Journalists of Venezuela (CNP, for its Spanish acronym) rejected on Mon. (Jan.30) the announcement made by the National Institute of Socialist Educational Training (Inces) of offering training workshops for reporters, 'in flagrant violation of the Practice of Journalism Law' in force in the country.

'Free professional training at the reach of a click, get your certification as a Reporter online and free of charge,' the agency stated on its Twitter account on Sun. (Jan. 29) offering certification for 'some units of the curriculum,' accreditable to university studies.

The Secretary General of the CNP-Caracas, Edgar Cárdenas, also went on  Twitter to say that the professional practice of journalism belongs to journalists who graduated from a university. 'Reporting is carried out by a journalist,' he wrote while asking 'how can a reporter be trained through an express course?'"

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