Venezuelan journalists abroad join Factchequeado's alliance against disinformation

  • Source: IAPA
  • October 22, 2022

"The Association of Venezuelan Journalists Abroad (APEVEX, by its Spanish acronym) has joined the Factchequeado alliance to spread the reach of Spanish-language fact-checked content aimed at Hispanic and Latino communities.

Factchequeado is an initiative led by Maldita.es, the first Spanish non-profit fact-checking media created to combat misinformation in Spain, and Chequeado, the first fact-checking organization in the Global South, to create a Latino community to counter Spanish-language misinformation in the United States, where the project is led by Tamoa Calzadilla from Miami, Florida.

APEVEX, based in the United States, is the first association of journalists to be part of the alliance."

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