Venezuelan journalists association condemns advance of 'Anti-Fascist Law'

“The National College of Journalists (CNP, for its acronym in Spanish) of Venezuela rejected this Thursday [April 11] the approval in the first discussion of the so-called Anti-Fascist Law by the National Assembly, aligned with the regime of Nicolás Maduro.

According to the statement, the Anti-Fascist Law constitutes a serious risk for the essential rights of Venezuelan society, which are guaranteed by the 1999 Constitution and the international pacts signed by the Venezuelan State. In particular, freedom of expression, thought, association, teaching and dissent are mentioned, which are characteristic of participatory democracy.

'The draft of the Law against Fascism, Neofascism and Similar Expressions, approved by the National Assembly in first discussion on Tuesday, April 2, is an attempt to align Venezuelan society in general and, in a very particular way, the journalists and media, to a single thought, which contravenes the very essence of the National Constitution and our Law on the Practice of Journalism,' the letter states."

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