Venezuelan Public Prosecutor's Office charges journalist covering illegal mining in the Amazon with three crimes

"The National Union of Press Workers reported on Tuesday night, Sept. 12, that journalist Luis Alejandro Acosta was charged with three crimes during his presentation hearing, after being arrested on Sept. 8 in a mine in the Yapacana national park, in Amazonas state.

In a publication, the Union informed that the Public Prosecutor's Office, through the actions of three prosecutors, charged the journalist with the alleged crimes of illegal mining in the form of promotion and incitement, occupation of protected areas and incitement to commit a crime.


The journalist Luis Alejandro Acosta had been reporting and covering illegal mining and military operations in the Yapacana national park for several months, reported the newspaper La Tercera Voz. He was detained in the port La 40, near one of the mines while doing journalistic work on Friday [Sept. 8], but two days later his arrest was confirmed."

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