‘We will not be silenced,’ Guatemalan journalists said during a protest against the judicial persecution of elPeriódico colleagues

"Nearly a hundred journalists from various media outlets in Guatemala staged a demonstration on Saturday [March 4] in front of the country's Supreme Court in protest for a judge's decision to investigate nine journalists due to their publications on different allegations. The demonstration was also to protest against the case of another journalist critical of the government who is being prosecuted.

With signs reading '#NoNosCallarán' (We will not be silenced), the journalists condemned an order by judge Jimi Bremer to investigate the journalists and columnists of elPeriódico, at the request of prosecutor Cinthia Monterroso, who argues that the journalistic stories affect those in charge of imparting justice. Monterroso is also investigating the president of elPeriódico, José Rubén Zamora, for the alleged crime of money laundering in another criminal proceeding.


The journalists demanded that the current head of the Public Prosecutor's Office, Consuelo Porras, remove prosecutor Monterroso from all investigations related to journalists, including the two she is conducting against Zamora. They argue that she lacks ethics and has a specific agenda in criminalizing the work of journalists."

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