'We're going to kill journalists': Threat found in TV channel in Rosario, Argentina

  • Source: DW
  • October 12, 2022

"A poster with threats against the media hung on the headquarters of a television channel in Rosario (central Argentina) on Tues. Oct. 10 with. This TV channel denounces day by day the situation of violence the city is going through.

The poster displayed on the front of the Telefe Rosario channel included phrases such as 'We're going to kill journalists,' 'Don't mess with the mafia' or 'To all the media of Rosario: Stop dirtying and condemning the 'kids' with your tongue.'

The death threat painted in red was found a few meters from the National Flag Monument in the city of Rosario. The city has a record number of more than 230 homicides in 2022, due to violence and territorial disputes among drug gangs."

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