'You have declared war on me': Governor of Trujillo, in Venezuela, threatens journalist

"The governor of Trujillo [Venezuela], Gerardo Márquez, threatened a journalist on Monday, Nov. 6, as reported by the National Union of Press Workers of Venezuela (SNTP, by its Spanish acronym). They shared on their social media an audio recording of a phone interview conducted by journalist and director of the Palpitar Trujillano news outlet, Andrés Briceño, with Márquez.

According to the audio shared by SNTP, Márquez responds with a series of insults and derogatory remarks directed at Briceño, along with a threat.

'From now on, you have declared war on me, and you can go wherever you want, but now you'll find out who the hell I am the hard way. You're looking for trouble with me now, egghead," says the governor and member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela to the journalist."

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