Press Freedom

How Peruvian journalists broke the story on the president's Rolexgate scandal

“‘Hey, I have a story lead for you, but I need to know you’re really interested,’ read a WhatsApp message I received the morning of February 14. ‘It's Dina's Rolex.’ The sender was Marco Sifuentes, a Peruvian journalist and director of the La Encerrona podcast, based in Spain. Sifuentes proceeded to ask me to investigate the […]

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Argentine organizations warn IACHR about regressive measures in terms of media concentration

“Various organizations in the communication sector and the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS, for its acronym in Spanish) expressed concern in a letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression (RELE), about decisions of the current government of Javier Milei that […]

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IPYS says summary of draft law approved by Peruvian Congress puts autonomy of public media at risk

"On June 12, 2024, the Peruvian Congress approved a predictamen (summary of a draft law) that seeks to reform the composition of the Board of Directors of the National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru, IRTP [for its Spanish acronym], and to include a representative of Congress. IPYS [Press and Society Institute, for its acronym in […]

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Two journalists held by residents while trying to cover alleged lynching in Puebla, Mexico

"Article 19 - Office for Mexico and Central America and the Network of Journalists of Puebla express their concern over the blockade suffered by journalists Yessica Ayala, of media outlets Contextos Noticias and Diario Cambio, as well as Joselyn Meneses, also of Contextos Noticias, at the hands of residents of San Jerónimo Coyula, on Tuesday, […]

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Journalist Luis Lopez arrested and charged with 'incitement to hatred' in La Guaira, Venezuela

"Relatives of journalist Luis López, detained on Friday, June 14 in [the Venezuelan state of] La Guaira while he was on his way to cover a protest, requested on Sunday [June 16] his unconditional release, as well as that of the rest of the political activists detained by the security forces. [...] The journalist from […]

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Journalism program goes off the air in Ecuador; sources say move came after government pressure

"The program 'Los irreverentes' —hosted by journalists Sol Borja, Fabricio Vela and José Luis Cañizares—, which was broadcast on RTU, was cancelled. Fundamedios learned, unofficially, that the cancellation occurred after pressure from the Government in the face of the criticism expressed in the program. Sources from the media outlet deny it and point out that […]

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Negotiations continue in Argentina to decide fate of public media Telám

"The agency is not closed. That is the message that many of the Télam workers received today [June 13] through an internal statement issued by one of the unions that brings together the state company, which has been taken over and fenced off for more than four months. [...] However, conversations today focus on the […]

Argentine journalists sign statement to demand respect for freedom of expression in face of Milei's policies

"Press workers in Argentina protested on Friday [June 7] in defense of freedom of expression and against the censorship and adjustment policies of President Javier Milei's government on the occasion of Journalist's Day in the country. During the protest, more than 2,000 press workers signed a statement in the face of ‘serious affectation to freedom […]

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Honduran journalist Thelma Mejía denounces threats and government condemns them

"Honduran journalist Thelma Mejía, news coordinator of Channel 5 in Tegucigalpa, denounced this Thursday [June 6] repeated threats that she has been receiving, which she attributes in part to activists linked to the ruling party, and which the Government condemned. 'That the time has come to "remove my ovaries," that my account is going to […]

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Colombian intelligence agency denies spying on opponents and journalists

"[Colombia's] National Intelligence Directorate (DNI, for its acronym in Spanish), under the Presidency of the Republic, categorically denied accusations about the alleged illegal interception of communications belonging to opposition politicians and journalists. In a press release, the DNI rejected these accusations and denied the existence of the alleged group called Orión, which, according to rumors, […]