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Bolivia: Journalism organizations accuse Evo Morales of inciting hatred and violence against the press

“The National Association of Journalists of Bolivia (ANPB) and the Association of Journalists of La Paz (APLP) will hold Evo Morales responsible if new attacks against the media and journalists emerge from their bases. Morales heads the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS). His statements incite hatred, they said. "If  attacks against the media or journalists were to […]

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Journalists covering strike in Bolivia are attacked

"Unknown persons threw an explosive device against a group of journalists who were covering the first day of the strike in the main square of Potosí, reported Dilver Soria, who was slightly harmed by the explosion of the device. Soria, who is a journalist for the Pio XII network, said that he and other reporters […]

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Bolivia: Journalists march in Santa Cruz after kidnapping case

"Journalists associations in the easter district of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, protested this Thursday (04.11.2021) demanding justice, 'no impunity' and a speedy investigation into the kidnapping and torture of seven media workers, which they suffered while covering a story. The march—led by the Journalists Association of Santa Cruz, the Print News Workers Union of that district […]

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Bolivian print media and journalists demand sanction for abductors of reporters

“The main print media represented by the National Press Association (ANP, for its acronym in Spanish) and the National Association of Journalists of Bolivia (ANPB) called on the government to bring to justice the masterminds and material authors of the abduction and torture of journalists, this past Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021, in the Guarayos province […]

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Bolivian journalist attacked while covering Indigenous march

“Mercedes Fernández Merubia, a journalist for the ERBOL news agency and the Santa Cruz radio station, suffered attacks and was prevented from completing her reporting work on Oct. 1 when she was interviewing one of the two groups of Indigenous people who arrived in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, after holding […]

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Bolivian Ombudsman's Office asks for guarantees for journalistic work

"The Bolivian Ombudsman's Office asked the State this Tuesday [Sept. 21] to 'guarantee the work of the media and strengthen the protection of press workers' after the recent attacks on a photojournalist in Santa Cruz and a journalist in Cochabamba." Read original article (in Spanish)

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Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru sign declaration to combat electoral disinformation

"Representatives of electoral institutions from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru signed a declaration in Quito with the aim of jointly combating false news and disinformation generated around electoral processes. [...] Among the commitments of the meeting, the participants reiterated their intention to continuously apply good regional practices for verifying information (factchecking) and actions against disinformation […]

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Call for professionalization of media in Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia and Venezuela

"The Consortium to Support Independent Journalism in the Region (CAPIR, for its acronym in Spanish) calls on independent media from Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia and Venezuela to participate in the Initiative for Integral Media Development (IMDI), which seeks to strengthen the institutional capacity of independent media to protect their journalists, increase the reach of their audience […]

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In 2020, 13 countries reported 3,350 attacks against journalists and media: Voces del Sur

"The Voces del Sur (VDS) network presented the Shadow Report 2020  that compiles alerts related to violations of freedom of expression, freedom of the press and access to information that occurred in 13 Latin American countries: Argentina , Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. [...] The regional results […]

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In five Latin American countries, COVID-19 responses restrict press freedom, CPJ, TrustLaw find

"In Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, and Peru, emergency measures in response to COVID-19 restricted the media’s capacity to report freely and the public’s ability to access information, including critical information about public health interventions and the pandemic itself, a report by the Committee to Protect Journalists and Thomson Reuters Foundation’s TrustLaw program found. The report, […]