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Cuban Institute for Freedoms of Expression and Press is victim of cyber attack

"The Cuban Institute for Freedoms of Expression and Press (ICLEP, by its acronym in Spanish) denounced a cyber attack on its website, which occurred on Wednesday [Feb. 14]. […] The non-profit, founded in 2012, reported that the perpetrators managed to breach the server's security protocol, infiltrate files, change the configuration and supplant the website with […]

Cuba: Independent journalist threatened by State Security again

"Cuban independent journalist José Luis Tan Estrada denounced on his social networks that he was threatened and deprived of internet access for more than 24 hours by a State Security agent in Camagüey [central-eastern Cuba]. According to his account, it happened on Sun, Dec. 10 - International Human Rights Day, which was marked by repression […]

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Projects from Argentina, Brazil and Cuba are recognized with the Roche Health Journalism Award 2023

"Media outlets from Argentina, Brazil and Cuba were awarded during the 11th edition of the Roche Health Journalism Award in the categories of written journalism, audiovisual journalism and daily coverage. The awards were delivered in Panama City [on Nov. 16, 2023]. […] 'Partos rotos' [Broken births], published by partoscuba.info from Cuba, which describes obstetric violence […]

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Cuba: Journalist Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca's health deteriorates in prison

"The health of independent journalist Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca, a political prisoner of the Havana regime, has deteriorated dangerously in prison, denounced his wife, Eralidis Frómeta. 'They are letting him die, his situation is dire to the level that a fatal outcome may happen in the Combinado del Este prison, in Havana,' said the woman […]

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Cuban journalist Henry Constantín released without charge after being detained during G77+China summit

"Independent journalist Henry Constantín Ferreiro announced on his social media accounts that he was released on Tuesday [Sept. 19], after five days in the El Vivac detention center in Havana. The journalist from Camagüey was detained in the Cuban capital last Friday, on the occasion of the G77+China Summit, which gathered in that city numerous […]

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Independent journalists are arrested and interrogated at G77+China Summit in Cuba

"Independent digital magazine La Hora de Cuba denounced the arrest of its editor, Henry Constantin Ferreiro, who was intercepted by State Security in Havana in the midst of the G77+China Summit, while another journalist was summoned for questioning on Sunday [Sept. 17] at a police station in [the municipality of] Marianao. 'Henry [Ferreiro] is currently […]

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Cuba: Regime threatens to prosecute journalist José Luis Tan Estrada for 'civil disobedience'

"Cuban State Security detained Diario De Cuba journalist José Luis Tan Estrada for more than five hours on Monday [Sept. 4] to prevent him from attending the trial against activist Ienelis Delgado Cué in the People's Court of Camagüey. The court eventually sentenced Delgado Cue to nine months in prison for the alleged crime of […]

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Arbitrary arrests and interrogations among main forms of repression against journalists in Cuba in first half of 2023, according to report

"The organization Article 19 denounced patterns of aggression and repressive and inhibitory strategies against freedom of expression by the Cuban government during the last six months. Its most recent report 'Freedom of expression in Cuba: Semiannual analysis' records and systematizes aggressions against independent journalists and human rights activists. It also studies restrictive regulatory frameworks and […]

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Prisoners Defenders organization defends Cuban journalist Camila Acosta

"Cuba's dictatorship has not let up its persecution and harassment against journalist Camila Acosta, Cuban correspondent for the Spanish newspaper ABC. Recently on state television, the regime broadcast a conversation (previously manipulated) to defame the journalist. This fact has been denounced by the NGO Prisoners Defenders. Regarding this recent event, the NGO made its position […]

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Cuba: Parliament plans to pass law to regulate independent journalism

"Independent journalists and non-governmental organizations showed concern for the consequences of the approval of the new Social Communication Law, which will be voted this Thursday [May 25] in an extraordinary session of the Cuban Parliament. There are fears that this law will impose additional restrictions on digital media not aligned with the government that still […]