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Bolsonaro ordered to pay damages for attacks on journalists

"A São Paulo court confirmed on Thursday [May 25] a sentence against former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022), accused of causing collective moral damage to the the journalists' professional group. The 4th Chamber of Private Law of the Court of Justice upheld the decision of the first instance, which, in June 2022, ruled in favor […]

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Chilean journalist Víctor Herrero fined in criminal defamation case

“On Monday, May 22, a criminal court in the capital city of Santiago [Chile] sentenced [Víctor] Herrero, editor of the independent news website Interferencia, on defamation charges and ordered him to pay the legal costs of the trial and a fine of 126,000 Chilean pesos (US $157), according to news reports, a report by his […]

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Journalist is sued after exposing sex abuse by former president of Haiti's soccer federation

"A French investigative journalist who exposed sexual abuse accusations against Yves Jean-Bart, the former Haiti football federation president, is facing a defamation lawsuit by Jean-Bart, Human Rights Watch said today [March 21, 2023]. The journalist, Romain Molina, documented abuses against underage players in the Haiti Football Federation under Jean-Bart’s leadership and supported survivors in Haiti […]

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Peruvian journalist Carlos Yofré López convicted in one criminal defamation case, on trial in another

"Peruvian authorities should drop criminal defamation charges against journalist Carlos Yofré López and prosecutors should not contest López’s appeal of his conviction in a separate criminal defamation case, the Committee to Protect Journalists [CPJ] said today [Aug. 31]. Both cases allege criminal defamation due to the journalist’s investigative work. In one case, López, a reporter […]

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Site wins appeal in criminal defamation case against fact-checking site Aos Fatos

"On March 1, the Justice of Rio de Janeiro accepted an appeal by Jornal da Cidade Online against Aos Fatos and its executive director, Tai Nalon, in which it accused them of crimes of defamation and unfair competition. The appeal was a response to a previous decision from the TJ-RJ, of September 2020, which had […]

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Brazilian sports blogger faces 5-month prison sentence over 2016 defamation case

"On Feb. 23, the 26th Criminal Court of São Paulo state issued an arrest order to enforce a five-month prison sentence for [Paulo Cezar de Andrade] Prado, who covers sports and politics on his blog Blog do Paulinho, in relation to a criminal defamation case that has been ongoing since 2016, according to Prado and […]

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Peruvian congressional candidate files criminal defamation suit against 2 journalists over coverage of sexual harassment allegations

"On Feb. 25, Victor Hugo Quijada, a Peruvian congressional candidate, filed a criminal defamation lawsuit against Tiburcio, a reporter at the news website Wayka, and Távara, an editor at the outlet, after the website published a story earlier that day alleging he had sexually harassed minors, according to a report by Wayka and Távara, who […]