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Social networks close partnership with Brazil's Electoral Tribunal, but do not clarify how they will combat disinformation

"In 2018, information on social networks was decisive for part of the Brazilian electorate to choose who to vote for: according to a survey by the DataSenado Institute, about 45 percent of respondents decided on their vote considering what they saw on some network. According to the survey, 79 percent used WhatsApp as one of […]

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Inside Brazil's dangerous battle over fake news

"The battle over what is true or false, who gets to decide, and whether and how to punish offenders, is tearing at the very fabric of [Brazil's] young democracy. Fake news is badly eroding the public’s faith in Brazil’s voting system ahead of presidential elections in 2022. It is also at the heart of a […]

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Global Summit on Disinformation 2021 is open and registration is free

Registration is open for the 2021 Global Disinformation Summit, a free online event that takes place on October 1st and 2nd. The event will be attended by 20 speakers and 30 organizations, with eight training workshops on digital strategies and tools to face and identify disinformation campaigns. Learn more about the event

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Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru sign declaration to combat electoral disinformation

"Representatives of electoral institutions from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru signed a declaration in Quito with the aim of jointly combating false news and disinformation generated around electoral processes. [...] Among the commitments of the meeting, the participants reiterated their intention to continuously apply good regional practices for verifying information (factchecking) and actions against disinformation […]

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Judge decides Brazilian fact-checking site Aos Fatos cannot say which magazine published disinformation

"Judge Marcelo Augusto Oliveira, from the 41st Civil Court of the TJ-SP (Court of Justice of São Paulo), determined in a preliminary ruling that Aos Fatos can no longer mention that the Oeste Magazine conveyed disinformation. Injunctive relief granted in favor of the publication regards two checks: one about distortions in data from the monitoring […]