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IAPA warns that judicial harassment against Ecuadorian journalist undermines press freedom

"The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) considered that the judicial harassment against the investigative journalist Dayanna Monroy in Ecuador is 'an act of intimidation that undermines press freedom.' The entity requested protection measures for the reporter of Teleamazonas channel 'in the face of the threats received' and that the facts 'be investigated and concrete measures […]

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Fundamedios condemns murder of broadcast journalist in Ecuador

“Ecuavisa presenter, Efraín Ruales, was murdered on the morning of Jan. 27 while he was driving from the gym he attends to his home, located in Samborondón. Fundamedios condemns this crime against a journalist and demands the authorities are forceful in their actions. Once again it is revealed that there is no security policy for […]

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Journalist Marilú Capa shot, severely injured in Ecuador

"At about 8 a.m. on January 19, in the northeastern town of Nueva Loja, an unidentified man entered a restaurant that Capa owns and shot her six times with a pistol, according to news reports, the Quito-based press freedom organization Fundamedios, and Lt. Col. Daniel Guevara, a spokesperson for the investigative police unit in Nueva […]

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Organizations and unions of journalists in Ecuador reject the judicialization of journalism

"Organizations and unions of journalists in Ecuador on Saturday [Nov. 21] expressed their concern over the recent court ruling against journalist Juan Sarmiento that ordered his imprisonment, after the governor of the province of Napo, Jorge Espíndola, sued him for criticizing his management. [...] The concern was given because Espíndola sued Sarmiento after [the journalist] […]

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‘Nos faltan 3,' a documentary about the Ecuadorian journalistic team that was abducted and murdered

"Gabriela Loja and Marisol Pesantez are the directors of the documentary 'We are missing 3,' about the abduction and murder of three Ecuadorian journalists on the Colombian border. The film opens this Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020, at the Ochoymedio cinema, in Quito. […] This production is a historical and descriptive work of the events that […]