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Ten journalists from El Salvador flee their country to avoid political persecution

"The Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES, for its Spanish acronym) fears for reporters in that country and has already taken preventive measures. For this reason, a group of 10 journalists left El Salvador to continue investigating gang-related issues, without suffering reprisals or future criminal charges. The law that punishes with 15 years in […]

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Mexican journalist couple goes into exile after repeated threats by organized crime

"The call on May 13 was not the first nor the last. But it was the one that broke everything. The one that forced journalist Juan de Dios García Davish and his wife, also a journalist, María de Jesús Peters, to pack their bags, look for friends outside Mexico and prepare to flee. 'We are […]

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Folha publishes special about refugee journalists in Brazil

"[...] Carlos, Claudine, Gabriela, Kamil and Victorios [...] had to flee their countries of origin - Venezuela, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicaragua, Turkey and Syria - due to the threats they suffered as reporters. They sought refuge in Brazil, where they had to remake their lives, most of them far from the profession. The five […]