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Guatemalan journalist Jovanna García attacked while covering anti-government protest

“On November 28, a man participating in an anti-government demonstration in Guatemala City hit Jovanna García, a journalist with the online outlet Ruda, with an iron pole in her clavicle and shoulder and called her an “infiltrated feminist,” according to a report by IM-Defensoras, a regional human rights group, and Ruda editor-in-chief Quimy de León, […]

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Within Alejandro Giammattei’s first year of presidency, Guatemala has registered more than 100 attacks against the press

“The Association of Journalists of Guatemala (APG) registered 124 attacks against the press in the first 11 months of the administration of President Alejandro Giammattei, who took office on January 14. The majority of the complaints registered by the APG have been “obstruction of the source,” with 31 cases; while 20 journalists have indicated that […]

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Journalist Mario Ortega attacked and killed in Puerto San José, Guatemala

“Media outlet San José Total reported through social networks about the death of the communicator at dawn this Saturday [Nov. 14], after the journalist spent four days in critical condition due to being shot on the night of Tuesday, Nov. 10. Mario Ortega was hospitalized after the attack on Tuesday in Puerto San José, [department […]

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Guatemalan journalists protest against criminalization and censorship

"A score of Guatemalan journalists spoke out this Tuesday in front of the public prosecutor's office against the criminalization and censorship of their profession, such as the criminal prosecution of their Indigenous K'iche' colleague Anastasia Mejía Tiriquiz. [...] Last Wednesday, a Guatemalan judge in the north of the country processed Indigenous journalist Anastasia Mejía Tiriquiz […]