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Supreme Court of Justice of Panama confirms newspaper La Prensa is prohibited from covering corruption case

"The Supreme Court of Justice [of Panama] confirmed a resolution of the First Superior Court of Justice related to the temporary prohibition issued by a judge of guarantees against the newspaper La Prensa, stopping them from investigating or publishing photos about the criminal case of lawyer Janio Lescure Sánchez, investigated for the alleged purchase and […]

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Photographer is beaten by the police in Panama; second case in two months

"In less than two months, two social communicators have been attacked by agents of the National Police of Panama because of their journalistic work. Yesterday, Bienvenido Velasco, a photojournalist for news agency EFE, was attacked by units of the institution while covering a protest in the surroundings of Plaza 5 de Mayo, where 27 young […]

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Panama: Journalist is detained for covering protest in Assembly

"Journalist for La Estrella de Panama, Juan Alberto Cajar, was detained by units of the National Police this Thursday while covering a protest called by civil society groups on the grounds of the National Assembly. He was transferred to the Casa de Justicia Comunitaria de Paz of the Calidonia district for covering the peaceful demonstration […]