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The data of the newspaper crisis in Venezuela

"Prodavinci found that only two daily print newspapers circulate in Venezuela when, up to 2013, there were more than one hundred. Another 20 go out to the streets with a less frequent periodicity than daily. By June 2021, six media with national information are printed and 16 local newspapers The areas with the greatest information […]

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Final days at El Carabobeño: The story of the disappearance of print media in Venezuela

"In the last eight years, the print versions of 100 media have disappeared as a result of the shortage of newsprint in Venezuela and state regulations. This is the story of El Carabobeño, a newspaper that was printed for 83 years, and now only can be read digitally."   Read original article (in Spanish)

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In the midst of a press crisis, Venezuela reinvents itself to smell like a newspaper again

"The disappearance of print media in Venezuela, as a result of the crisis, has led publishers to reinvent themselves to go back to their origins and recover the smell of ink and paper of yesteryear, from the hand of the 'town crier,' as the traditional newspaper delivery man is known in the country. Starting on […]