Violence Against Journalists

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Mexico: Police in the city of Irapuato assault a woman journalist during a protest against femicides

"The organizations Front for Freedom of Expression and Social Protest (FLEPS, by its Spanish acronym), Platform for Peace and Justice in Guanajuato and Women's Communication and Information A.C. (CIMAC) condemned the abuse of force and physical violence by the municipal police of Irapuato, in the state of Guanajuato, towards women journalists and demonstrators. They were protesting […]

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Brazil: Trial for radio host Valério Luiz’s murder postponed for third time due to the defense walking out

"The defense of former vice president of the Atlético Goianiense soccer club Maurício Sampaio walked out this Monday (May 2) from the plenary session of the Court of Justice of Goiás (TJ-GO). This caused the third suspension of the jury session that will prove the guilt or innocence of those suspected of having killed journalist […]

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Two reporters are injured by gunshot wounds while covering a march in Chile

"Three people were shot and wounded by gunshots fired by two individuals against participants in the May Day march called by the Central Clasista de Trabajadores in Santiago de Chile. The injured persons were two women and one man, and one of them, a woman journalist for the community TV station Señal 3 La Victoria, […]

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Union of Journalists of Paraguay asks for more security for journalists

"On Journalist's Day [in Paraguay], the General Secretary of the Paraguayan Journalists' Union, Santiago Ortiz, stressed that journalism demands security and guarantees for its professional practice, particularly for colleagues from the interior of the country. He pointed to the accelerated deterioration of working conditions of journalists (...) The low salaries, long working hours, breach of […]

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Daniel Ortega's regime threatens and expels journalists from Spanish-language TV channel based in Florida from Nicaragua

"Daniel Ortega's regime denied entry to the country and threatened to arrest the journalistic team of MegaTV, a Spanish-language channel based in Miami, Florida, on April 24. The journalists were forcibly expelled from the country and sent to El Salvador. The journalist Camilo Loret de Mola and his cameraman, César Torero, were detained at the […]

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Impunity prevails in aggressions against women journalists in Mexico, says Article 19

"In Mexico, being a woman and a journalist implies a double violence. On the one hand, the one that impacts us every day with 10 murdered women; and on the other, the absolute lack of access to comprehensive protection for the exercise of freedom of expression, with 99% of impunity in recorded cases of attacks […]

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IAPA warns of wave of violence 'never seen before' against journalists in Latin America

"The panorama of freedom of the press in Latin America has only worsened, with a 'sharpening of the repression' of independent journalism and 'violence' against journalists, Ricardo Trotti, executive director of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA), said. IAPA will hold its semi-annual meeting from next Tuesday to Thursday. […] In these first three months of […]

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Abraji calls for a rigorous investigation into the attack suffered by reporter Gabriel Luiz in Brasilia, Brazil

"The Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) expresses its concern over the serious violence suffered by reporter Gabriel Luiz, from TV Globo, on Thursday night, April 14, when he was attacked by two men. According to the first video analysis of the scene of the events, they followed him at a distance. The criminals stabbed […]

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In Mexico, there are 50% more murders of journalists with AMLO than with Peña Nieto and Calderón: Article 19

"For the civil organization Article 19 there is no doubt: the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) is already the most violent against journalists and the media since records have been kept. This was stated this Tuesday, April 5, at a press conference held by Leopoldo Maldonado, director of the organization that defends […]

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Mocking by President Bolsonaro's son about torture suffered by journalist Míriam Leitão provokes wave of condemnation in Brazil

"A post by federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro in which he makes an ironic reference to an episode of torture suffered by journalist Míriam Leitão during the Brazilian military dictatorship caused a wave of condemnation among politicians from various positions. On Twitter, the son of President Jair Bolsonaro shared the image of a column by Leitão, […]