Republishing Guidelines

LatAm Journalism Review (LJR) aims to inform the world about successes and challenges for news media and journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our guidelines for republication of our texts follow Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. We welcome you to republish our articles (and corresponding translations) free of charge, as long as you follow these guidelines below:

  • These republishing guidelines apply only to content created by our team of journalists and freelancers. We occasionally republish stories from other sites. For that content, you must contact the corresponding organization.
  • Credit our journalists by using their name for the byline at the top of the story. Please also add: “This post was originally published by LatAm Journalism Review.”
  • Include a link to the original post on our website. Please also include all links within the text of our original post.
  • Do not edit content in the story, except for minor stylistic changes. If you want to add information to any of our articles, please make a note that additional reporting was done by your publication.
  • You cannot sell our stories or any images within them. Additionally, do not sell ads against the story.
  • If you want to republish any image from our websites, check with us first to see if we are allowed to give you special permission (some images we use are not ours and we cannot authorize republishing). Contact latamjournalismreview@austin.utexas.edu.
  • We must be able to contact you if we have any questions. If you are reposting our material, your website must have contact information. We ask that you honor our requests to change or remove our content from your site.
  • No endorsement from LJR or its team members is implied when content is posted on other sites or included in other publications. Additionally, there is no compensation for reposting our content.
  • Please let us know if you republish any of our stories by emailing us at latamjournalismreview@austin.utexas.edu.