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Guyanese journalist Nazima Raghubir, president of the Guyana Press Association.

An increase of online attacks against journalists in Guyana is raising red flags: 5 questions for Nazima Raghubir, Caribbean journalism leader

Although violence against journalism in the Caribbean hasn’t reached the levels of other parts of the continent, a recent increase of online attacks in Guyana is raising red flags, according to journalist Nazima Raghubir. She spoke about challenges Caribbean journalism faces, such as inadequate access to information laws and the reluctance of politicians to engage with the press.

Map of the Caribbean with graphics depicting disinformation online.

Media literacy, journalistic collaboration and professionalization of the press: Areas to be strengthened to combat misinformation in Caribbean countries

Promoting media literacy in schools, stimulating collaboration among the region's media and journalists, and improving the training and working conditions of communication professionals are necessary measures to lessen the impact of misinformation in the Caribbean, according to a study.