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Violence Against Journalists
Guatemalan journalists unite in campaign to highlight attacks and criminalization of the press

On the occasion of Journalist's Day in Guatemala on Nov. 30, a collective of journalists under NoNosCallarán [We won’t be silenced] spoke out against the attacks they have been exposed to for practicing their profession and held a sit-in against the criminalization of journalists in front of the public prosecutor's office.

Man in front of a computer displaying a videogame.
Colombian and Peruvian news outlets bet on 'gamification' to attract young audiences and make an impact

With interactive games, independent media outlets Cuestión Pública and Convoca, from Colombia and Peru, respectively, seek to bring the news to younger audiences, to contribute to greater media literacy and to present complex investigations in a playful way.

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Press Freedom
Stigmatization and attacks on journalists affect journalistic practice during Latin American elections in 2023

Stigmatization, threats, detentions, and intimidation are some of the attacks faced by journalists when covering elections in Latin America. In the last semester of 2023, these attacks became evident in the electoral processes in Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.

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Latin American journalists propose more critical and in-depth coverage of green hydrogen energy during recent event

In general, news media often depict the arrival of green hydrogen to Latin America as “the magic solution” to climate change. But a group of journalists is carrying out more critical coverage of the impact of the production of this energy source in the region.