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Collaboration Gender and Diversity
Network of Venezuelan Women Journalists creates a meeting space to promote journalism with a gender-based approach

The Network of Venezuelan Women Journalists held its first conference with the goal of discussing feminist journalism and a gender-based approach. However, during the three days of the event, topics such as Indigenous struggles, climate crisis, mental health, humanitarian emergency, human trafficking and sexual and reproductive rights were also discussed.

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Access to Information Press Freedom
'We intend to make very clear what is public journalism and what is government information,' said Hélio Doyle, president of Brazil’s Public Communication Company (EBC)

Journalist Hélio Doyle has been appointed to lead the reconstruction of Brazil’s Public Communication Company (EBC, by its Portuguese acronym) after six years of neglect and censorship under the governments of Michel Temer and Jair Bolsonaro. Doyle spoke about how journalism will be "a flagship" in public communication made by the state-owned company.

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Awards and Opportunities
Honduran investigative journalist Jennifer Avila wins Gabo 2023 Award for Excellence in Journalism

Honduran investigative journalist Jennifer Ávila — reporter, editorial director, and co-founder of Contracorriente — was the winner of the Recognition of Excellence category of the Gabo Award 2023, becoming the first journalist from her country to receive the honor, the Gabo Foundation announced Monday morning.

Cuban journalist Abraham Jiménez Enoa
5 Questions
‘Independent journalists in Cuba are dying out and those who are left are tied up’: 5 questions for Cuban journalist Abraham Jiménez Enoa

Journalist Abraham Jiménez Enoa, who in January this year published his first book, ‘La Isla Oculta’ [The hidden island], spoke to LJR about how independent journalism in his country struggles to survive in the face of a dictatorship. Also, he talked about how he found, in the long-form crónica, the ideal genre to narrate the complexities of Cuba, his exile and capitalism.

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