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Academic Research
UNESCO report confirms quality journalism essential for democracy, accountability and civic engagement

A new UNESCO report confirms what many journalists and researchers have thought: quality journalism is good for democracy, civic engagement and government accountability. Further, public investment in it improves trust from citizens, and promotes human rights and sustainable development.

Atendees of Abraji's Caravana project event with news outlet Coreto
Special Reports
Caravana project strengthens connections between local journalism organizations and their communities across Brazil

Ten local journalism organizations in Brazil’s five regions are participating in the Caravana project, run by the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji). Local communities have been prominent in this process, which helps to establish a local sustainability network. LJR spoke with Coreto (Bahia) and Fala Roça (Rio de Janeiro) about participating in the project.

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Gender and Diversity
Women press workers in Latin America face high levels of gender violence online and in the workplace: IFJ

In Latin America, women working in the press face gender violence within their workplaces and in the public sphere because of the work they do, according to a recent report from the International Federation of Journalists. They also suffer high levels of job insecurity.

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False News and Disinformation
Researchers observe heightened disinformation as sociopolitical conflict shapes local communities across Bolivia, El Salvador and Peru

Across Bolivia, El Salvador and Peru, the spread of disinformation has disproportionately impacted marginalized communities amidst sociopolitical conflict in recent years. Local non-governmental organizations in these countries conducted information ecosystem research to understand its impacts.