Argentine journalist again receives threats related to investigation into drug trafficking

The Argentine newspaper La Capital, based in the city of Rosario, said that one of its journalists received anonymous threats, apparently related to the journalist's investigations into the drug trafficking of ephedrine, reported the newspaper La Nueva Provincia.

In the investigative report, journalist Hernán Lascano published information about the criminal cases of a drug dealer who was recently convicted of smuggling ephedrine, reported the news site Rosario3.

The first threats were received during June and October of 2010 via e-mail, but the journalist did not file a complaint to avoid giving the topic publicity and because he thought that by doing so, the threats would eventually stop, reported La Capital. But onl Monday, March 26, Lascano received another written threat, this time more aggressive, as it mentioned his one-year-old daughter. The caller said he “hoped that she would not be a journalist if she gets to be older,” added La Capital.

The threats were reported to officials in Rosario, according to the Press Union of Rosario, which demanded an immediate investigation into the threats "used to intimidate and silence the professional work of journalists."