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Journalists find themselves in the line of fire while reporting on street demonstrations in Argentina

Since far-right politician Javier Milei assumed the presidency in Argentina on Dec. 10, 2023, there have been a series of street demonstrations against his emergency measures. The latest demonstrations were at the beginning of February and the government repressed the press with greater brutality than on other occasions, according to journalists.

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Journalist network Ruido uses information requests to combat news vacuum in Argentina's provinces

Driven by a news vacuum in the Argentine provinces, Ruido was born three years ago. It’s a collaborative media outlet made up of journalists throughout the country that investigates corruption via requests for access to public data. Despite limited local transparency, its network of collaborators has managed to create stories with national impact on issues of public interest.

): Ismael Nafría, Spanish author, journalist, and consultant, holding a copy of his new book "Clarín, updated' wearing a blazer on the street

7 lessons on how Argentina’s Clarín became the Spanish-language newspaper with the most digital subscribers in the world

In a new book, Spanish researcher Ismael Nafría describes how Argentine daily Clarín reached more than 500,000 digital subscribers in less than six years. The study is full of practical tips for communication professionals. We present some of them here.

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'Milei's problem is with journalists, not with the press itself': 5 questions with Argentine researcher Santiago Marino

In the style of Trump and Bolsonaro, the new president of Argentina, Javier Milei, employs rhetoric that is openly hostile to the press. Since he took office, this speech has been accompanied by concrete measures, such as suspending advertising from the Executive branch in the media. LatAm Journalism Review interviewed Santiago Marino, a leading Argentine researcher in communication policies, to understand the Milei government's relationship with journalism and public communication policies in Argentina.

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‘True’ label on fact-checked information gets shared more than content refuted as ‘false,’ says new study on disinformation in Argentina

A study carried out by five Latin American researchers points to the influence of fact-checking labels on social media engagement. Sebastián Valenzuela, one of the authors of the study, told LatAm Journalism Review there is evidence in four countries in the region of a preference for the "true" label in shares.

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Voting authorities in Latin America join media and civil organizations against false news from political candidates

It’s not just media that combat disinformation, voting authorities in Latin America are also fighting the phenomenon. Ahead of October elections in Argentina, judicial authorities are collaborating with media and NGOs to fact check candidates. At the regional level, an inter-American observatory exchanges fact-checking experiences with media and social platforms.

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Concern for journalists’ safety grows in Argentina after primary elections and crackdown in Jujuy

Recent primary elections in Argentina put the ultra-conservative candidate, Javier Milei, as the favorite, the same candidate who said he would scratch the government's media budget and who denounced five journalists. In Jujuy, security forces have detained and assaulted journalists covering popular demonstrations.

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Study shows 83 percent of gender editors in Argentina targeted by online violence

Since 2019, 13 Argentine media outlets have created the position of gender editor, which makes the country the most fertile ground in Latin America for these professionals. An unpublished survey heard from 12 of them and found they are targets of online violence with frightening frequency, and that most of them are not intimidated by the attacks.

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Gender editors advance inclusive coverage, tackle online violence and build alliances in Latin America

Four years after the appointment of Mariana Iglesias at the Argentine newspaper Clarín, gender editors are promoting changes in news coverage, working to consolidate their positions and facing unprecedented online violence. LatAm Journalism Review spoke with gender editors in four countries to understand the current status of these professionals in the region.

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Studies analyze trends in coverage of violence against women in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

A collection of studies on the coverage of violence against women in the Global South found advances in Argentina and Mexico, while in Brazil race and class biases stood out. The volume's co-editor told LJR she hopes the work will highlight how journalistic coverage is connected to this huge systemic global problem.