Arsonist burns radio station in Argentina

An arsonist burned the offices of a radio station broadcasting out of the town of Zárate, north of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, reported the Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA in Spanish).

Radio host and station owner José "Pepe" Beronda said that station security cameras captured a man throwing fuel around the station, lighting the fire and running off on the morning of Friday, Sept. 30, according to the newspaper La Voz de Zárate.

FOPEA denounced the attack in a statement as an "injury to the media's freedom of expression and the station's listeners."

In related news, another fire destroyed the radio tower for three stations in Buenos Aires on Saturday, Oct. 1, reported the website Noticias de Radio del Mundo. A short circuit started the fire and interrupted music and police broadcasts.

In December 2006, an unidentified arsonist burned a vehicle owned by the Zárate newspaper Informa, the publication reported.