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Media coverage on migration in the Americas booklet now available for download

What can be done to improve media coverage of international migration in the Americas? More than 50 journalists, specialists, and NGO representatives met in 2011, in Austin, TX, to discuss this issue. The highlights of their discussion is now available in a digital booklet by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, "Media Coverage of Migration in the Americas," which can be downloaded in Spanish and English.

Colombian guerrilla group claims responsibility for kidnapping of journalist

The National Liberation Army (ELN in Spanish) of Colombia claimed to have kidnapped journalist Elida Parra Alfonso, who, along with an engineer, went missing on Tuesday, July 24, in the department of Arauca.

Peruvian journalist detained eight hours for filming police injustice

A Peruvian journalist was detained for eight hours for filming police officers turning television sets off in the Plaza de Armas in the city of Celendín in northern Peru, while people were trying to watch Ollanta Humala's presidential message on Saturday, July 28.

Ecuador's President Correa suspends government advertising in several private news media outlets

On Saturday, July 28, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said that official government advertising will be withheld from several private news media outlets that have accused his administration of damaging freedom of expression in Ecuador.

Court overturns prison sentence against Brazilian community radio owner

The owner of a Brazilian community radio station in the city of Ilha das Flores (in the state of Sergipe) was absolved by a regional court after being sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail for operating the radio station without authorization.

Human rights organization says Venezuelan presidential TV and radio broadcasts create "continued censorship"

Between 1999, when Hugo Chávez first became President of Venezuela, and June 2012, the country's television and radio stations have been forced to broadcast 2,334 president speeches, amounting to a total of 97,561 minutes of broadcasting.

Brazilian mayor threatens journalist, photographer

A Brazilian journalist and photographer from the newspaper O Globo were threatened on July 23 by the mayor of the city of Redenção (in the state of Pará), Wagner Montes, who is also the candidate for reelection in 2012, reported O Globo.

Colombian journalist allegedly kidnapped by guerrilla group

A Colombian journalist went missing mid-day Tuesday, July 24, after being held by members of an illegally armed group in the department of Arauca, located in northeast Colombia, on the border with Venezuela.

Brazilian journalist attacked by mayoral candidate's bodyguard

A Brazilian bodyguard for José Serra, mayoral candidate in São Paulo, attacked a radio journalist during a press conference that took place on Tuesday, July 24, reported the news portal Terra.

Brazilian newspaper renovates printed edition for 87th anniversary

On Sunday, July 29, the Brazilian newspaper O Globo will launch a new design for its printed edition, to commemorate 87 years of publishing, reported the news site Jornalistas na Web.