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Peruvian Supreme Court reduces sentences for death squad members guilty of killing journalist in 1992

A chamber of the Peruvian Supreme Court decided to reduce the sentences of many members of the death squad, known as Grupo Colina that was active during the 90s in Peru, nullifying sentences for crimes against humanity in several cases, including the killing of journalist Pedro Yauri.

Organization of state news agencies withdraws from Paraguay, accuses private media of prompting "small coups"

The Latin American Union of News Agencies (ULAN in Spanish) accused private news media outlets of provoking "small coups" in Latin America and also withdrew membership from the Paraguayan Information state news agency.

Brazilian journalist threatened via Facebook after publishing complaint against former police commander

Brazilian reporter André Caramante, from the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, said that he received threats through Facebook after publishing an article with complaints against a former commander of the Tobias de Aguir Ostensible Rounds (ROTA in Portuguese).

84 percent of public information requests approved since Brazil's sunshine law went into effect, but problems still remain

Since the Brazilian Law of Information Access went into effect on May 16, the Brazilian federal government has received 17,516 requests to access documents and other information.

Human Rights Watch warns Venezuela's concentration of power deteriorates freedom of expression

The freedom of expression situation in Venezuela has deteriorated since 2008, due to President Hugo Chávez's abundant power abuses, according to a report by the organization Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Ecuadorian Court suspends session to analyze press restriction regulation

On Thursday, July 19, the Constitutional Court of Ecuador suspended its session scheduled to analyze the legality of the controversial Democracy Code, a regulation pushed by President Rafael Correa that regulates press coverage during electoral campaigns.

Online independent journalism dependent on collaborative investigation

“Newspapers die or are under military heels or commit suicide because they do not face their real problems." These were the words of Brazilian journalist Jânio de Freitas.

Ecuadorian government once again criticized for attempting to regulate journalism

The government of Ecuador has received various criticisms in the last few days due to what Reporters Without Borders has called an excess of presidential attacks on opposition journalists for closing several media outlets.

Colombian journalist threatened after investigating ties between paramilitary, local political groups

A Colombian journalist received a threatening phone call with the sounds of automatic weapons being fired while music played in the background, reported Reporters Without Borders.

Honoring Brazilian journalists, Abraji prepares for 2013 global investigative journalism meeting

It is no coincidence: the same year that the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji in Portuguese) celebrated its 10 year anniversary, investigative journalist Tim Lopes received posthumously several honors on the 10-year anniversary of his killing.