Ecuador responds to Reporters Without Borders' recommendations, criticisms

The Ecuadorian government responded to a letter from Reporters Without Borders addressed to President Rafael Correa expressing its concern for freedom of expression in the Andean country with its own letter signed by National Communications Secretary Fernando Alvarado.

"I'm happy to see that as an international organization they are concerned about freedom of expression in the world. However, I invite them to also support responsible and balanced journalism in the region," the secretary wrote.

Alvarado also invited Reporters Without Borders to visit Ecuador to "have a wider view of the reality the country lives, not just the vision of four media-owning families." The international journalist organization clarified that it did visit Ecuador during the debate leading up to the May 2010 Communications Law.

"We thank Fernando Alvarado and, by extension, President Rafael Correa for having taken the time to respond to our questions and recommendations," Reporters Without Borders posted on its website.