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Why hasn’t anyone been convicted almost 11 years after this Ecuadorian journalist’s murder?

It has been 11 years since Ecuadorian journalist Fausto Valdiviezo was killed. His brother and experts believe that the case has not been solved because of a lack of investigation on the part of authorities because he was a journalist.

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Journalists in Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela face invisible risk factors in terms of their mental health, according to researcher

According to recent research from Ecuador, journalism in Latin America is a profession with invisible psychosocial risk factors, a situation that was aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The main researcher and four journalists explain how to face this reality in daily work.

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Remembering the journalistic legacy of slain Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio

A key figure in both Ecuadorian journalism and politics, 'Don Villa' earned his reputation through fearless investigative journalism, opening the way to high-profile convictions that included former President Rafael Correa. His fusion of activism with journalistic rigor drew a spectrum of responses, ranging from admiration to critical scrutiny.

Leader of a kechwa Amazonian community in Peru with journalist Hugo Anteparra during an expedition in the Amazon rainforest.

‘Investigatour' program seeks to strengthen investigative journalism skills of journalists from the Amazon region of Peru and Ecuador

Investigatour Amazonía, an initiative created by Convoca in Peru and replicated by Fundamedios in Ecuador, aims to encourage the training of journalists from Amazon regions. The focus is on data journalism, digital narratives and security so that journalists can develop in-depth stories on environmental conflicts and organized crime suffered by their communities.

CPJ report on press freedom situation in Ecuador reveals ‘an unsettling crisis’

On June 28, the Committee to Protect Journalists presented its report "Ecuador on edge: Political paralysis and spiking crime pose new threats to press freedom," which describes the current crisis facing journalism in the country.

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New narratives of climate disinformation and safety for environmental journalists, some themes of the II Amazon Journalism Summit

Disinformation narratives that seek to delay actions against climate change, a communication initiative to train communities on digital security, and protection tips for journalists covering the Amazon were lessons learned at the II Amazon Summit on Journalism and Climate Change, organized by Fundamedios, in Ecuador.

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Ecuadorian organizations launch protocol to prevent gender and sexual orientation violence and discrimination in newsrooms

Women and LGBTQ+ people are especially vulnerable to violence in the workspace. To address this problem in newsrooms, the digital news outlet GK and the Rights and Justice Observatory (ODJ, by its Spanish acronym) developed a protocol to prevent gender-based violence in these spaces and make them safer for people who work there.

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Threats from organized crime and government inaction in Ecuador prompt exile of journalists

The departure of two journalists from Ecuador after receiving death threats is the latest evidence of deteriorating security situation for these professionals in the country. While in exile, Karol Noroña spoke to LatAm Journalism Review (LJR) about the context, documented by civil society organizations, of the strengthening of organized crime and the inaction of the State to protect journalists.

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‘Crooked Power’ podcast tells personal version of historic case: newspaper El Universo vs. former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa

Via a podcast, César Pérez Romero, son of one of the directors of the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo, decided to tell from a more personal perspective what was behind the historic case of the newspaper against then-president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, during one of the most difficult times for freedom of expression in that country.

Art depicting violence towards journalists in Ecuador

Over 140 attacks on the press in two-week strike in Ecuador; organizations blame impunity and stigmatization of journalists

Attacks with stones, sticks, boiling liquids, threats, and hindrance to access information are some of the aggressions the press has experienced so far while covering the protests that began on June 13 in Ecuador.