Mexican journalist who received threats is missing from Guerrero

This story is developing and will be updated as more information is found.

Víctor Fernando Álvarez Chávez

Víctor Fernando Álvarez Chávez (Facebook)

Journalist Víctor Fernando Álvarez Chávez, 50, has been missing from the Mexican state of Guerrero since April 2.

Organized crime in the port of Acapulco threatened Álvarez days before his disappearance, according to Article 19 Mexico.

Family members issued an alert about the journalist’s disappearance after he was missing for 24 hours, Periodistas Desplazados y Agredidos posted via Twitter.

Álvarez, known as “Apontito,” according to El Sol de Acapulco, is editor and general director of the site Punto x Punto Noticias.

Via Twitter, the State Attorney General’s Office of Guerrero requested the public’s help in locating Álvarez.

The journalist’s disappearance comes within a week of the murder of María Elena Ferral in the state of Veracruz on March 30. A correspondent for Diario de Xalapa, she had denounced receiving threats.