Mexico launches social media campaign to report discriminatory messages in news media and advertising

A new public initiative allows Mexicans to use social media and the Internet to report discriminatory content and messages in news media and advertising, according to a press release by the Human Rights Commission (CHDF in Spanish).

The campaign, Faces of Discrimination Observatory (Observatorio Rostros de la Discriminación), has an email account, a website, as well as a Facebook page and Twitter handle to receive citizen complaints, according to the site Comunicar.Info.

The initiative was launched by the Human Rights Commission, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Mexican Radio Institute, the Universidad Iberoamericana, the Manuel Buendía Foundation and La Cabaretiza A.C.

CDHDF press relations officer Gerardo Sauri told the MVS Radio network that the initiative will not attack freedom of the press, but instead bolster the use of social media to counteract harmful opinions and stereotypes.

“Discrimination must be visualized; if it is not visualized, we are not accepting that it exists, we continue to deny it, and it will continue to exist because we are hiding it and no one accepts it,” said the CDHDF’s Rocío Quintana.