The hand of a reporter holding a voice recorder next to a reporter notebook and a pen, with three defendants in a trail in the background.

Mexican journalist finds resources in U.S. courts to investigate Mexican human trafficking rings

In contrast to the bureaucratic difficulties of accessing information in Mexico, the U.S. judicial system offers rich sources of information for investigating cases of Mexican criminals tried in that country, said journalist Juan Alberto Vázquez. His book "Los Padrotes de Tlaxcala" reveals shocking details about how Mexican trafficking networks operate in New York.

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Study shows 83 percent of gender editors in Argentina targeted by online violence

Since 2019, 13 Argentine media outlets have created the position of gender editor, which makes the country the most fertile ground in Latin America for these professionals. An unpublished survey heard from 12 of them and found they are targets of online violence with frightening frequency, and that most of them are not intimidated by the attacks.

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Gender editors advance inclusive coverage, tackle online violence and build alliances in Latin America

Four years after the appointment of Mariana Iglesias at the Argentine newspaper Clarín, gender editors are promoting changes in news coverage, working to consolidate their positions and facing unprecedented online violence. LatAm Journalism Review spoke with gender editors in four countries to understand the current status of these professionals in the region.

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Politicians and public officials are main source of attacks on journalists' reputations, report says

Journalists' reputations are under attack. The study 'Not just words: How reputational attacks harm journalists and undermine press freedom' found that most journalists surveyed globally suffered reputational damage at least once a month.

Smear campaigns, the growing threat against journalists in Honduras

Journalists, media and even human rights defenders in Honduras have been the target of smear campaigns in recent months that they denounce are putting them in a situation of greater vulnerability. International organizations and journalists also analyze this as a strategy to silence the work they do.

Illustration depicting crowdfundinfg efforts and journalistic training initiatives by Mexican journalism organization Dromómanos, with journalists José Luis Pardo, Alejandra Sánchez Inzunza and Eliezer Budasoff in the background.

Training as a lifeline: How Mexican journalism producers Dromómanos recovered from bank fraud

Thanks to the success of a crowdfunding campaign, the Mexican independent journalism production company Dromómanos not only avoided bankruptcy, but is strengthening its educational division as a source of income, as well as preparing a continental investigation into bank fraud.

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Useful artificial intelligence resources for journalists

Speakers at the webinar "Generative AI: What journalists should know about ChatGPT and other tools" shared a list of useful artificial intelligence resources for journalists to explore the advantages of this technology. LatAm Journalism Review (LJR) shares the list with additional information about each tool.

A panoramic view of a splendid bookstore, with several floors; in the back, the curtains of a cinema theater

9 investigative titles to better understand Latin America

We bring you a compilation from GIJN recommending investigative books from reporters based in Latin America during the past 10 years. From lithium extraction to political murders, migration hardships to water privatization, and from Mexico in the north to Chile in the south, these titles cover a wide range of issues and span the continent.

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Argentina-based news outlet seeks to tell novel stories about job discrimination of vulnerable communities in LatAm

News outlet Otra Economía emerged in Argentina to shift perspectives on the current economic model, fostering dialogue on concepts such as triple impact, circular economy, entrepreneurship, and social innovation. It also offers a workshop for journalists to address social injustice and workplace discrimination.

Panelists Marc Lavallee, Aimee Rinehart and Sil Hamilton during webinar, over a tech-style background.

ChatGPT will not take our jobs, but it’s essential to experiment and learn about this technology, say experts in webinar

Panelists at a Knight Center webinar on ChatGPT in newsrooms suggested experimenting with generative artificial intelligence to understand its scope and limitations, learn how to develop effective prompts, and consider the opportunity to revolutionize the way news is delivered using this new technology.

Chat GPT and newsrooms MOOC

Knight Center to offer free online course on using ChatGPT in the newsroom; Registration opens in September

Join the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas for a free online course that will explore how generative artificial intelligence (AI), like ChatGPT, has and will impact journalism. “How to use ChatGPT and other generative AI tools in your newsroom” will run from Sept. 25 to Oct. 22, 2023.

How political unrest resulted in sexual assaults and threats against women journalists in Brazil

In 2022, the year of one of Brazil's most fiercely contested elections, the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) recorded 557 cases of aggression against journalists, with 26% involving some form of gender-based violence. Among this group, 5% were episodes of sexual violence. Journalists targeted in these attacks spoke about the impact on their work and personal lives.