New threats emerge against reporter in Oaxaca, Mexico

The Bartolomé Carrasco Briseño Regional Center for Human Rights, located in Mexico, denounced new threats against journalist Pedro Matías Arrazola, correspondent for Proceso magazine in the state of Oaxaca and anchor of an online news show.

Venezuelan editor detained, accused of alleged money laundering

Leocenis García, editor and director of the Venezuelan news media group 6to Poder, was charged and held at a military base on August 1 for alleged money laundering, reported Spanish news agency EFE.

Resignations at Globovisión suggest structural changes in Venezuela’s media landscape

The recent departure at least 11 journalists from Venezuelan broadcaster Globovisión has raised questions about the plurality of the media in the country. TV hosts Gladys Rodríguez, Román Lozinski, María Elena Lavaud, Roberto Giusti, María Isabel Párraga and Mary Montes, for instance, resigned a few days after the departure of well-known journalist Leopoldo Castillo, host of the TV show "Aló Ciudadano," news site America Economía reported.

Venezuelan opposition media groups are facing economic harassment, IAPA says

In an article posted on July 30, the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) stated its "concern" over the "abrupt economic measures against the country's journalists and news-media companies" implemented by the Venezuelan government.

Radio director gunned down, killed in Colombia

The programming director of a radio station in Colombia was shot and killed on July 29 in the city of Buga, located in Valle de Cauca, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

A symbol of resistance: After closure of investigative magazine, journalists create new media outlet in Ecuador

The closure of the magazine Vanguardia in Ecuador at the end of June not only represented the loss of one of the few critical voices in the country -- it was also a devastating blow for the morale of the profession.

Venezuelan authorities seek to freeze assets of newspaper’s executive editor

Venezuela's attorney general is seeking to freeze the assets of the daily El Nacional's executive editor.

Mídia NINJA: an alternative journalism phenomenon that emerged from the protests in Brazil

A media phenomenon has emerged in Brazil in the wake of the massive protests that are spreading throughout the country since June. The news collective Mídia NINJA, broadcasting live from the streets with its "no cuts, no censorship" model, has attracted the attention and admiration of thousands of people in the last few weeks.

Media Factory, the world’s first news accelerator, wants to invest in Latin American projects

Mariano Blejman is a recipient of the Knight International Fellowship, and as part of his work to promote media innovation in the region, he recently created Media Factory, the first accelerator for news organizations in the world.

UN recognizes Colombian public TV station's work covering human rights

When acclaimed Colombian journalist Hollman Morris was named last year as the new manager of Bogotá's public TV station Canal Capital, it seemed like a risky strategy to remove most of the channel's commercial programming and devote more resources to covering human rights.

Journalists and citizens denounce abuses of authority through cell phone cameras and social networking

Cellular phone cameras have become a powerful tool for journalists and citizens in reporting requests for bribes and other excessive uses of power.

Military Police assault and detain journalists during protests in Rio de Janeiro

A photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP) sustained a head wound by the military police during protests in Rio de Janeiro on Monday evening, July 22, 2013.