Ecuadorian cartoonist receives threats on Facebook after imbroglio with government

Ecuadorian cartoonist Javier Bonilla “Bonil” of the newspaper El Universo claimed he received threats on Facebook, reported the non-governmental organization Fundamedios.

Mexican photojournalist leaves Veracruz state after being discredited by government official

Several journalistic organizations condemned the recent comments made by Veracruz’s director of public safety against a photojournalist that published pictures of a self-defense group.

Exiled journalist sued once again for her investigations of corruption at Mexico’s oil company

Mexican journalist Ana Lilia Pérez was sued for moral damages by federal congressman Juan Bueno Torio, according to news agency CIMAC.

Following in Chávez’s steps, Venezuela’s interim president takes to TV and Twitter

Venezuela’s interim president, Nicolás Maduro, launched the television program Diálogo Bolivariano (Bolivarian Dialogue) on Thursday, March 14, emulating the late Hugo Chávez’s famous Aló Presidente program, reported El Universal.

Media representatives highlight attacks on the press after Ecuador pushes IACHR reforms

A day after the Ecuadorian government renewed its push for reforms that some say would weaken the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and its Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, representatives from the country's media made a presentation to the IACHR about the challenges to the free exchange of information there.

Former Colombian intelligence officers go to prison for “psychological torture” of journalist

A Colombian prosecutor with the human rights unit ordered the arrest of seven former officials with the country’s intelligence center who are being accused of psychological torture against a journalist, Caracol Radio’s news portal reported.

After death of Chávez, Venezuelan government warns media as attacks on press continue

At least two other news teams have been kept from covering events related to the death of Hugo Chávez last week. On Feb. 7, a group identified as government supporters intimidated and threatened correspondent Luis Alfonso Fernández for the broadcaster América Noticias and a cameraman for the network Alberto Porras

Last major opposition network in Venezuela to be sold

The director of Globovisón, one of the most critical private television networks of the Venezuelan government, announced that it will be sold after the April 14 presidential election, reported the newspaper El Universal.

Peruvian journalist’s house is set on fire after reporting on local corruption

The house of a Peruvian journalist was burnt down on March 9 after two unknown men threw a fuse drenched with gasoline inside the building, the Journalists’ Association of Peru (ANP) said, according to news agency EFE.

Study reveals that journalists, human rights defenders are killed every four weeks in Brazil

A research from the non-governmental organization Article 19 finds that one journalist or human rights defender is killed every four weeks because of their work.

Man allegedly confesses being paid to kill Peruvian journalist Luis Choy

The National Police of Peru presented on Sunday, March 10 ua man who confessed having received money to kill Luis Choy, a photographer with newspaper El Comercio, informed portal Perú 21.

Mexican president proposes bill to open up competitiveness in radio and TV

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto presented on Monday, March 11 a proposal to reform the telecommunications law with the intention of putting an end to the open television duopoly and putting and broaden competition in the sector, according to the Associated Press.