CPJ asks if media blackouts help kidnapped journalists

Are media blackouts effective—or even ethical—when a journalist has been kidnapped? That’s the question Frank Smyth, a senior adviser for journalist security with the Committee to Protect Journalists, explored in a recent blog post on the organization’s website on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

Dominican newspapers say defamation law is unconstitutional

The presidents of three newspapers in the Dominican Republic have asked for the decriminalization of defamation, in the Law on Expression and Diffusion of Thought and in the Penal Code, on the grounds on unconstitutionality, reported the newspaper El Día.

Armed attack on Mexican newspaper is the third in four years

A group of armed men fired at the building of Mexican newspaper El Siglo de Torreón on Tuesday Feb. 26, according to this newspaper published in Northern Mexico. It's the third time the newspaper has been attacked in the last four years. Earlier this month, five of its employees were kidnapped and freed after several hours. No one was hurt during the attack but some employees suffered from anxiety attacks, the newspaper said. On Tuesday afternoon, Torreón mayor Eduardo Olmos visited the newspaper to speak with it

Radio host known for speaking out against crime shot dead in Brazil

A radio reporter known for his crime reporting was shot dead in the city of Jaguaribe, Ceará on Friday, Feb. 22, according to the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo. He was the second journalist killed in Brazil this year. The first killed also worked for a radio station in a community north of Rio de Janeiro.

Forum seeks to create bridge between Latin American journalists and academics

Renowned Mexican reporters Marcela Turati and Javier Valdez, as well as Chilean narrative journalist Cristian Alarcón, will discuss on Feb. 28 their work and the need to forge a bridge between journalists and academics during a forum hosted at the University of Texas at Austin.

Government of Mexico to investigate journalist security contractors

The Mexican federal government will carry out an audit of all contracts given out to provide security to journalists and human rights advocates during the administration of former president Felipe Calderón (2006-2012), according to the Campaign for Free Expression.

President of El Salvador names commissioners to Public Information Access Institute

President of El Salvador Mauricio Funes has named the commissioners of the Public Information Access Institute after 15 months of delays, and 10 days after vetoing a reform that would have weakened the new body, said El Faro.

Colombian court orders National Police to correct statement given in 1996

In what has become a historic decision, the Council of State of Colombia ordered the National Police to correct a statement given in 1996 that affected two businessmen, said the newspaper El Tiempo.  The Director of the Police will have to give a press conference and correct the information given to a television news program as an “exclusive” that linked two businessmen with a drug cartel, said the paper.

Killing of photojournalist provokes debate on insecurity in Peru

On Saturday, Feb. 23, two gunmen shot and killed a Peruvian photojournalist for the newspaper El Comercio, reported the website Perú 21. The attack sparked debate about the public's security, the risks journalists run and how the media covers violence. 

Website ordered to pay $7,500 in damages for slandering deputy's advisor in Brazil

The Brazilian media company UH News was sentenced to pay over $7,500 in moral damages, according to the court's website.

Mexican newspaper denounces use of social media to harass journalists by governor's office

A Mexican newspaper in the state of San Luis Potosí revealed an audio recording that supposedly catches the governor's spokesman telling his staff to create anonymous social media profiles to dispute inconvenient information, according to the newspaper Pulso de San Luis.

Falkland Islands newspaper publishes fake interview with Argentine foreign minister

The only newspaper in the Falkland/Malvinas Islands, the Penguin News, published a fake interview with Argentine Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman after the official refused to speak with the media, reported the newspaper La Nación.