Judge reverses decision to censor blog post about Brazilian mayoral candidate

The judge that ordered the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo to remove a blog post about a mayoral candidate in the Brazilian city Macapá, Amapá rescinded the decision to censor the post on Wednesday evening, Sept. 25.

Journalist violently beaten at campaign rally in Brazil

A Brazilian journalist for Record News was violently attacked with an iron rod, leaving him with a head injury, two broken ribs and bruises on his body, while covering a rally for a mayoral candidate in Estreito, Maranhão.

Radio reporter threatened in Ecuador, the second in as many weeks

The newspaper El Comercio reported a new case of threats against a journalist in Ecuador on Tuesday, Sept. 25. Reporter and director of the radio magazine Democracia, Gonzalo Rosero, claimed he has been receiving threats for six months.

Independent journalist in Cuba faces three years in prison for "insulting" president

An independent journalist in Cuba could face three years in prison for insulting the island's leader, President Raúl Castro, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Argentinian government gives media group deadline to break up under antitrust law

Argentina’s government said it would strip most of Grupo Clarín’s television licenses, a fact that citizens discovered through advertisements broadcasted during soccer games on Sept. 22, Bloomberg reported.

Closure of Chilean newspaper after 95 years leaves 117 without work

During a shareholders' meeting for the Chilean newspaper La Nación, government representatives, who control 69 percent of the company's shares, voted to close and liquidate the storied newspaper on Monday, Sept. 24.

Electoral court in Brazil censors blog post about arrested mayoral candidate

An Electoral Court in the Brazilian state of Macapá ordered the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo to remove a blog post by journalist João Bosco Rabello on Wednesday, Sept. 19, reported the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism.

Critics accuse Guyana’s president of politicizing new broadcasting authority

Several press freedom groups expressed their concern over the perceived politicization of the Guyanese National Broadcasting Authority (NBA) on Wednesday, Sept. 19, only a month after the authority’s mandate took effect.

Colombian government consults journalists targeted by violence in reparation process

On Friday, Sept. 21, the Colombian government began consulting journalists who were victims of the armed conflict to identify proposals and strategies for their collective reparation, according to the Unit for the Care and Reparation of Victims' website.

More reporters killed for their work in Brazil than anywhere else in the Americas, says CPJ

After the killing of three journalists, Brazil has the highest number of deaths related to practicing journalism in the Americas this year, according to research conducted by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

More contextualization and fact checking of politicians helps improve election coverage

During election season, political coverage takes on a central role in society and journalists come under pressure to improve news gathering.

Televisa denies its trucks were involved in money laundering scandal in Nicaragua

Televisa categorically denied in a press release that six seized trucks bearing the Mexican television network's logo and used to transport $9.2 million in an alleged money laundering case in Nicaragua were registered in the company's name.