Cuban dissident blogger released after nine hours of detention

Cuban authorities detained blogger and freelance photographer Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo on Saturday, Sept. 1, reported blogger Yoani Sánchez in her Twitter account.

Hurricane Isaac news coverage illuminates potential of hybrid form of journalism

Reporters and news organizations covering Hurricane Isaac, which left a path of destruction and flooding in U.S. Gulf Coast states last week, may have offered a glimpse into the future of journalism, suggests an industry observer for the Nieman Journalism Lab.

Guatemalan public official sentenced to jail for threatening journalist

A Guatemalan judge sentenced the vice-president of the Safety Commission of Panajachel, in the department of Sololá in southern Guatemala to three years and eight months in jail for discriminating against and threatening a journalist, according to the Center for Informative Reports of Guatemala (Cerigua).

Peruvian authorities confiscate copies of magazine accused of supporting armed group Shining Path

The Peruvian prosecutor's office raided a bookstore on Aug. 24 in Lima and confiscated copies of a magazine accused of advocating for the armed Peruvian group Shining Path, according to the news portal Terra.

U.S. grants asylum to Ecuadorian journalist accused of defaming President Correa

The Ecuadorian journalist who had been sentenced to three years in prison and fined millions of dollars for allegedly defaming Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has been granted asylum by the United States, according to the Guardian.

Independent journalist accuses Chilean national police of illegal detention

Chilean national police, known as Carabineros, detained an independent journalist covering the national student and professor march in the capital, Santiago, reported the Venezuelan News Agency.

Venezuelan reporters prevented from covering fire at oil refinery

On Tuesday, Aug. 28, a news team from the newspaper El Nacional was detained by Venezuelan National Guard officials while trying to report on a large fire in the oil refinery of Amuay, in the state of Falcón, reported El Nacional.

Mexican religious group prohibits press from entering community

An ultraconservative group in Mexico blocked the press from entering Nueva Jerusalén, a town in the state of Michoacán where a serious conflict is ongoing between secular inhabitants that confront religious fanatics for public education rights, according to the news agency Quadratin.

Honduran police spokesman shot to death

A spokesman for the Honduran police was shot to death on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 28, in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, according to La Prensa Gráfica.

Article 19 report outlines state of Internet freedom in Brazil

The freedom of expression organization Article 19 announced the release of the report "Digital Freedom in Brazil," which aims to serve as a resource to bring Brazil in agreement with international freedom of expression standards and improve online expression in the South American country.

President Chávez's attacks against private media weakens Venezuelan press, according to new CPJ report

A special report about Venezuela on Wednesday, Aug. 29, by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) called attention to President Hugo Chávez's harassment of the private press during the last 13 years, reported the newspaper La Nación. The report, titled "Venezuela's private media wither under Chávez assault," is the fourth CPJ has published about Venezuela ever since Chávez was elected president for the first time, in 1999. According to CPJ, Chávez has used threats and restrictive measures -- such as the persecuti

Honduran TV reporter seeks refuge at police station after receiving death threats

After receiving death threats, a Honduran TV reporter sought refuge in a police station on the night of Monday, Aug. 27, reported the Committee for Free Expression (C-Libre).