Construction workers block newspaper offices with trucks in Panama

In an attempt to block the circulation of the Panamanian newspaper La Prensa, construction workers besieged the publication's offices late in the evening Thursday, Aug. 2, until the early morning of Friday, Aug. 3, according to the newspaper.

Investigative reporter Lydia Cacho flees Mexico following death threats

Investigative journalist Lydia Cacho has fled Mexico on the heals of new death threats against the journalist, reported Fox News Latino on Friday, Aug. 3.

Uruguayan newspaper accuses government of censoring violent images in news publications

In an editorial published Thursday, Aug. 2, the newspaper El Observador criticized the Uruguayan government of issuing a decree that censors violent images prior to their publication in the news.

Venezuelan news outlets investigated for allegedly violating presidential election rules

On Thursday, August 2, the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE in Spanish) said that it would investigate two TV stations and two newspapers in the country for allegedly violating the rules of the presidential elections, which will take place in October 2012, reported the newspaper El Nacional.

Mexican, Venezuelan, Spanish journalists receive Moors Cabot awards; newspaper El Universo receives special mention

The Journalism School of Columbia University in New York gave out the María Moors Cabot awards dedicated to outstanding journalists covering the western hemisphere. The 74th edition of the prizes were awarded to Teodoro Petkoff, newspaper publisher of Tal Cual in Venezuela; David Luhnow, head of the Latin American office of the The Wall Street Journal; as well as Juan Forero, correspondent for the Washington Post and of the South American NPR; and publisher and columnist Miguel Ángel Bastenier, of the newspaper El

Guatemalan journalist accuses Congressman of trying to bribe him with cash

A Guatemalan journalist accused a Congressman of trying to bribe him with cash, according to the Center for Informative Reports of Guatemala (Cerigua in Spanish).

For second time, government raids Ecuadorian magazine critical of President Correa

On Tuesday, July 31, the Ecuadorian magazine Vanguardia was once again raided as a public official from the Ministry of Labor Relations who confiscated the magazine's computers, furniture, and equipment. During the raid, the journalists of the magazine, which opposes President Rafael Correa's government, were not allowed to back up or save their research, reported the news outlet Voz de América and the newspaper El Comercio.

Argentine President Kirchner prohibits journalist from participating in government TV news program

An Argentine journalist was censored by the TV channel C5N,when President Cristina Kirchner prohibited the TV channel from letting the journalist participate in a news program, reported Perfil.

Bolivian journalists attacked while covering police conflicts

A total of 15 attacks against Bolivian journalists and cameramen working for both public and private news media were registered during the police conflict that happened from June 21-26.

Protection requested for threatened Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho

Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho reported another death threat due to her work, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Mexican reporter threatened while interviewing rural community leader

A Mexican reporter filed a complaint for threats made against her by the former federal deputy candidate of the New Alliance Party, according to the news site Sin Embargo.

Venezuelan presidential candidate supporters attack journalist

Venezuelan journalist from the TV station Venezoelana de Televisión reported being attacked by supporters of presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, reported the National Union of Venezuelan Journalists.