Latin America lacks legislation protecting online freedom of expression, book says

"Toward a Censorship-Free Internet ("Hacia una internet libre de censura" in Spanish) is an online book available via free download that analyzes legislation in Latin America addressing freedom of expression and Internet censorship.

Ecuadoran court dismisses libel case against authors of the book "Big Brother"

A court in Ecuador decided to dismiss a libel case brought by President Rafael Correa against two journalists who wrote the book "Big Brother," which accuses the president of nepotism, reported the newspaper El Comercio on Thursday, April 19.

Argentine city council president punches journalist in the face

On Monday, April 16, in Candelaria, Misiones in Argentina, the city council president punched a journalist who was trying to cover a city council session and was denied access to it three times.

Dominican Republic government harasses journalists during presidential elections, warns IPI

The International Press Institute (IPI) published a statement expressing concern about the harassment against Dominican Republic journalists who have been investigating corruption cases as the May 20 presidential elections approach.

District attorney killed while investigating killing of Peruvian journalist

A district attorney investigating the killing of Peruvian journalist Pedro Flores Silva in 2011 was shot to death on Monday, April 16, reported the Press and Society Institute.

Changes to radio and TV law to benefit indigenous stations in fact would favor Mexican television duopoly, group says

On Thursday, April 12, Mexican federal Congress members approved a series of changes to the current Federal Law of Radio and Television that would allow for indigenous communities to request permits to operate radio stations.

One-fourth of countries on CPJ's 2012 Impunity Index are in Latin America, contributing to "vast self-censorship"

Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil -- three of the 12 countries worldwide with five or more unsolved cases of journalists killed for their work -- again find themselves on the Committee to Protect Journalists' (CPJ) annual Impunity Index.

Police officer killed along Brazil-Paraguay border while investigating death of Brazilian journalist

On the afternoon of Saturday, April 14, a military police officer investigating the killing of a journalist was shot to death by two people on a motorcycle in the city of Ponta Porã in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul on the border with Paraguay.

Attacks on Ecuadorian press increased by 150 percent in past four years, report says

During the first trimester of this year, a total of 53 attacks on "news media, journalists, and citizens exercising their rights to freedom of expression” were recorded in Ecuador.

Electricity disconnected at two Honduran community radio stations

Two unknown men disconnected the electricity of two community radio stations in Honduras on Thursday, April 12, reported the organization C-Libre.

Insurance companies deny coverage for journalists working in northern Mexico

Journalists from the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez, the second-most dangerous city in the world, met with Senate candidate Javier Corral to demand a law that would offer employment protection and social assistance to journalists.

Brazilian newspaper launches blog exploring world of data journalism (Interview)

Following the steps of newspapers such as The Guardian (United Kingdom), Los Angeles Times (USA), La Información (Spain), and La Nación (Argentina), the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo launched on its website the blog "Afinal de Contas," or After All.