Paraguayan journalist announces bid for presidency in 2013 elections

On Monday, April 9, a known Paraguayan journalist announced his run for presidency for the 2013 elections, confirming that he would leave his 30-year journalistic career behind, reported the Paraguayan News Portal.

Growth in popularity of handheld devices leads to growth in readership

With the recent increase in popularity of mobile technology, the percentage of people getting their news from mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, and e-readers, is also on a steady incline.

March registers record number of attacks against Mexican media

On Monday, April 9, the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City said that Mexico recorded the highest number of attacks against the media and journalists during March in relation to previous months, reported the Mexican Publishing Organization.

Haitian senator wants president to sue Dominican Republic journalist who reported on corruption

A Haitian senator is urging President Michel Martelly to sue a Dominican Republic journalist who reported on alleged presidential corruption in Haiti, according to the newspaper Diario Horizonte.

Ex-official threatens to sue Bolivian columnist for defamation

In Bolivia, the ex-head of the Public Works, Services, and Housing deparment Walter Delgadillo, threatened to sue a columnist for libel and defamation if the journalist does not apologize, reported the newspaper Opinión.

Suspect's extradition to the United States leaves 2008 killing of Mexican journalist unpunished

An editorial published in the newspaper El Diario de Ciudad Juárez criticized Mexican authorities for leaving unpunished the killing of a journalist committed in 2008.

Salvadoran government pledges to protect safety of journalists of digital newspaper El Faro

A spokesperson for President Mauricio Funes of El Salvador said the country is "committed to guaranteeing the safety" of journalists working for the digital newspaper El Faro, reported the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

In Bolivia, new report registers 46 assaults against journalists in 2011, instead of 200 as previously reported

On Tuesday, April 3, the National Press Association (ANP in Spanish) of Bolivia presented a report identifying 46 physical and verbal assaults on journalists and Bolivian media in 2011.

Chilean court rules against journalist harassed by police

On Wednesday, April 4, a court in Coyhaique, Chile, rejected a journalist's appeal for protection, brought by a senator and a human rights lawyer, after investigative police tried to confiscate the journalist's videos recorded at a protest in the region of Aysén.

Argentine journalists cite increasing attacks by public officials

The Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA in Spanish) is calling for punishment for those responsible for a series of attacks on journalists by public officials in different provinces of Argentina during the last weeks of March and early April.

Attorney General investigating Brazilian magazine for disclosing state irregularities

The Attorney General of the Brazilian state of Goias announced that he is opening an investigation into the magazine Carta Capital because the Sunday, April 1, edition was deemed offensive to the state and Governor Marconi Perillo.

Journalist denounces persecution after revealing that Dominican Republic senator donated to Haitian presidential campaign

A Dominican Republic journalist reported that security officers are in pursuit of the source who revealed to her that a Dominican senator financed part of the election campaign of Haitian president Michel Martelly.