Sports reporter kidnapped while investigating identity theft in Ecuador

Guido Manolo Campaña, a sports correspondent for El Universo newspaper, was beaten and held for seven hours while investigating a soccer player's alleged identity theft, his newspaper reports.

Brazil’s Lula rails against media monopoly to community radio reps

Shortly after blasting the traditional media in his first exclusive interview with bloggers, outgoing President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva repeated his critique in an exclusive interview with a collective of ten community radio stations.

Mexican journalist says gov’t officials are targeting her life

Anabel Hernández is pressing charges against Security Minister Genaro García Luna and one of his assistants, Luis Cárdenas Palomino, for an alleged plot to kill her, AFP and EFE report.

Colombian journalist working for mayor's office disciplined for comments posted on Facebook

Edwin Echeverry, part of the communications team for the mayor's office of Medellín is being "tormented" for criticizing on his personal Facebook page the costs of a fireworks spectacular planned to celebrate the bicentennial, according to the Colombian Federation of Journalists (Fecolper).

Salvadoran Congress approves public information access law

After 17 months of debate, the Legislative Assembly in El Salvador approved a law requiring state institutions to make information available to the public, reported El Faro. The law still must be signed by President Mauricio Funes.

Colombia's spying against journalists is detailed in new report

Colombia's Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) has released its report “Espionage against journalists" about the campaign by Colombia's intelligence service to smear and spy on several reporters. The report compiles the major breakthroughs on investigations about the case.

Ex-cop and suspected drug trafficker accuses Mexican journalist of asking for money from organized crime

Alleged statements by a drug trafficking suspect who was captured in September and is now under witness protection in Mexico has led to a heated back and forth between Proceso magazine and Televisa.

IAPA criticizes asylum offer for ex head of Colombian agency that spied on journalists

Panama’s decision to grant asylum to the former director of Colombian intelligence (DAS), María de Pilar Hurtado, could lead to impunity for illegal espionage against media outlets and journalists during the government of Álvaro Uribe, warned the Inter American Press Association (IAPA).

Mall security attacks photographer covering animal rights protest in Mexico

AP photojournalist Marco Ugarte was attacked by private security at an outdoor mall in Mexico City while covering an anti-fur protest, Milenio reports.

Venezuelan court overturns journalist’s defamation conviction

The Appellate Court of Carabobo state annulled journalist Francisco “Pancho” Pérez's conviction that had sentenced him to three years and nine months of house arrest and a ban on practicing journalism during his sentence, El Carabobeño reports.

Guatemalan journalist threatened after reporting on military arms theft

Luis Ángel Sas, an investigative journalist for elPeriódico, reported receiving death threats that made reference to his recent reports on Guatemalan military weapons that ended up in the hands of the Mexico-based criminal group Los Zetas, Cerigua reports. Sas – whose beat is drug trafficking, corruption, and crime – told Noticieros Televisa that he first received threats at the offices of elPeriódico while he was at an investigating organized crime conference in Panama. A recent report by a Guatemalan freedom of expr

WikiLeaks release causes problems for Canada; Caribbean spared for now

Just as the newest WikiLeaks release has strained Washington’s relations with much of the world, including Latin America, its revelations have also shaken Canada, threatening its ties to Afghanistan. Ottawa’s ambassador to Kabul has offered to resign over his criticism of the Afghan president.