Paraguayan journalist announces bid for presidency in 2013 elections

On Monday, April 9, a known Paraguayan journalist announced his run for presidency for the 2013 elections, confirming that he would leave his 30-year journalistic career behind, reported the Paraguayan News Portal.

Journalist Mario Ferreiro will run for presidency through a coalition of left and center-left Paraguayan political parties known as the Guasú Front, created in 2010, reported the Ecuadorian newspaper El Comercio. Ferreiro also is supported by the Christian Democratic Party and the Party-Socialism Movement Party, added El Comercio.

The leftist senator Sixto Pereira also announced his presidential candidacy and took advantage of the opportunity to criticize journalist Ferreiro, said the news site Paraguay.com. "His journalistic profile is important, but not complete. A candidate needs to have soundness and political experience. To manage state politics is a great responsibility," said Pereira, according to Paraguay.com.

Ferreiro said that although his decision was hard to make and he may be criticized, his desire to “contribute to democracy” is what motivated him to take a new path in his life, that of politics, and he added that people know what he is capable of, reported ABC Color.