Radio journalist killed in Haiti amidst violent protests against country’s president

Reporter Néhémie Joseph of Radio Méga was found dead in his car on Oct. 10 in Mirebalais, Haiti, as reported by the Associated Press.

Joseph posted to Facebook in September that he was threatened by politicians who accused the journalist of inciting protests, the news agency said, adding that the motive for his murder is still unclear.

According to newspaper Le Nouvelliste, the journalist told relatives about recent threats he allegedly received.

In weeks of protests demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse, violence has led to nearly 20 deaths in Haiti, according to the AP.

Mirebalais, where Joseph’s body was found, is 37 miles northeast of Port-au-Prince and, according to Le Nouvelliste, is one of the most hectic cities.

Also in the context of these protests, another journalist, Pétion Rospide of Radio sans fin, was shot while driving home from work on June 10 in Port-au-Prince.

On Sept. 23, photojournalist Dieu Nalio Chery was struck in the face by a bullet after a legislator shot his gun in the Senate yard.

And most recently, Edmond Joseph Agénor, a cameraman for Radio sans fin, was hit by a gunshot on Sept. 30 while covering a protest outside the Port-au-Prince airport. Police had been firing live ammunition, according to what the director of the radio station told Rezo Nòdwès.