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Fewer journalists killed in Latin America in 2023, but experts fear creation of zones of silence

The year 2023 saw a decrease in murders of journalists around the world: a trend also seen in Latin America and the Caribbean. Despite the significance of that statistic, expert voices point out that it does not represent an improvement in the conditions for practicing journalism and that it could lead to the phenomenon of zones of silence.

Why hasn’t anyone been convicted almost 11 years after this Ecuadorian journalist’s murder?

It has been 11 years since Ecuadorian journalist Fausto Valdiviezo was killed. His brother and experts believe that the case has not been solved because of a lack of investigation on the part of authorities because he was a journalist.

Composed illustration depicting Mexican journalist Alejandra Ibarra and a press vest with blood stains.

Murders of journalists in Mexico are not due to censorship, but to the role they play in their communities, says book author

An investigation by Mexican journalist Alejandra Ibarra revealed that it is not the information journalists disseminate that makes them assassination targets, but rather their roles as leaders and their stances on issues. She also argued out that Mexican officials see critical journalism as an affront and not a democratic function.

A camera, a newspaper and a microphone lay on the floor with a crime scene in the background.

With two journalists murdered in one week and seven so far this year, Mexico's press cries out for justice and protection

With the murders this month of Nelson Matus and Luis Martín Sánchez, seven journalists have now been murdered in Mexico so far in 2023, which has sparked condemnation from organizations worldwide. In Guerrero, the second most dangerous Mexican state for journalism, journalists' groups denounce impunity and demand security.

Crime scene investigator and judge

Greater State commitment and society’s support: Keys to curbing increase in murders of journalists

For experts, as long as there is no comprehensive policy focused on prevention, protection and prosecution of crimes against journalists, it will be difficult for the panorama to change. But the support of society is also needed: It needs to understand and defend freedom of the press as a collective right.

Newspaper covers about Mexican journalists killed

Number of journalists murdered in Latin America increases 163 percent by 2022

Twenty-nine journalists and communicators were murdered in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2022, according to data from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) counted up to Dec. 21. This represents a 163 percent increase over 2021. Mexico and Haiti lead the ranking of murders of press professionals.

Headshots of journalists killed in Mexico in 2022

Mexico finishes 2022 with almost twenty journalists murdered, while colleagues and organizations cry out for justice and an end to impunity

With the murder of Pedro Pablo Kumul on Nov. 21 in Veracruz, at least 17 members of the press have been murdered in Mexico in 2022. Journalists and organizations demand justice and agree that only the correct administration of justice can stop the bloody wave that threatens journalism in that country.

Journalists who have been killed in Haiti in 2022

Violence, police brutality and economic crisis push journalism in Haiti to critical situation

One journalist murdered, another shot at and another arrested and beaten by the police are the latest victims of a wave of violence against the press in Haiti, a country where eight journalists have been killed so far this year. At the same time, the social-political crisis and poverty are slowly suffocating the Haitian media.

American journalist and author Katherine Corcoran and her book "In the Mouth of the Wolf"

The press must reconnect with its audience so it demands safety for journalists, former AP bureau chief in Mexico Katherine Corcoran said

Mexican journalists urgently need to make people understand and value the impact of their work, so it’s society itself demanding safe conditions to practice journalism, Katherine Corcoran — whose book "In the Mouth of the Wolf," about the 2012 murder of Mexican journalist Regina Martinez will be launched in October — told LJR.

Journalists protest in Acapulco, Mexico, after the murder of journalist Fredid Roman

Faced with an increase in crimes against journalists in Mexico, organizations urge measures, while government denies violence

With the death of Fredid Román, 15 journalists have been murdered in Mexico so far in 2022. While organizations such as the UN, CPJ and IAPA condemn the crimes, López Obrador's government denies the climate of violence against the press. The government even appears to be the main source of aggressions, according to a report by Article 19.